What is A/B testing?

SmartR Site utilizes automated A/B testing along with other factors to lower your bounce rate.

A/B Testing Definition

The basics of website optimization

A/B testing is a widely used process for website optimization where the conversion rates of two versions of a page, A and B, are compared with each other with reference to the current online traffic. The visitors are then categorized into either version A or version B. Keeping a track of the way users interacting with the page they are given, the tabs they click, the images they see, the videos they watch and so on, you can figure out which version is better and more effective. A/B testing is arguably the easiest way of testing and appraising a page design and is quite effective in different kinds of situations.

Think about all of the money spent and efforts put in to actually get viewers to your website. Even the most exceptional, professionally-designed website with excellent navigation flow and features won’t do any good without the targeted visitors exploring it and spending time on the site. When it comes to the design of the website, the ultimate objective of every business is to have the most attractive and enticing website, which can persuade users to perform specific and desired actions.

The actions, better known as conversions, usually include various kinds of tangible activities like online shopping, quote requests and newsletter signups, among others. Conversely in some cases, such behaviors are less tangible and hence, demand comprehensive support and assistance of web metrics to figure out when a specific goal has been attained, for example, an enhanced average time on the website or a reduced bounce rate.

Increasing Conversions with SmartR Site

At SmartR Site, we do things differently. A/B testing is just one of the many levels and solutions we use. We then take it to the next level and do Automated A/B testing, pairing it with sophisticated heat maps and artificial intelligence to truly create a smarter site.

SmartR Site is backed by powerful analytics engine that uses analytics and algorithms to analyze and update the website in the real time based on the behaviors and actions of your customers. It trains the website and adds intelligence and plays a pivotal role in minimizing bounce rate and increasing conversion rate.

The sophisticated metrics and heat maps contain powerful tools which help you figure out where your users are actually focusing and empower you for a comprehensive analysis and higher conversions. You can add the right calls to action in high traffic areas that would help improve conversions and sales, guaranteed or your money back.

Utilize tools such as Google Analytics and SmartR Site to create sales funnels and consistent improvement to stay ahead of your competitors at all times.

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