The Basics of SEO

Increase your rankings for more traffic, leads and customers.

The Basics of SEO

Search engine optimization otherwise known as “SEO”, improves website traffic by raising the website’s listing or ranking on various search engines, in particular Google.

There are two main aspects of SEO on-page and off-page.

On-Page SEO optimizes your website by making it more understandable and easily accessible to various search engines. This is a technical process and it is strongly advised to hire a professional SEO Team such as SmartR Site to ensure that your website is able to be found by Google.

Off-Page SEO is crucial to increasing rankings. Once the On-Page is initially set up, link building and content marketing are ESSENTIAL factors to increase page rank.

Advanced keyword research is also a critical factor due to the nature of competition online. With the wrong set of keywords, thousands of dollars and months of time could be wasted with little to no increase in traffic. This is why at SmartR Site we fully research and optimize your content for hidden gem keywords.


When doing search engine optimization, every website has a differentiated offering. This provides major optimization challenges and is why having an expert SEO Team is crucial to increased rankings and cost effective results.

Currently, most SEO uses very strict and cautious methods of measuring, monitoring and testing to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.


Every good marketer has heard of SEO, yet many websites choose not to invest in their online presence. Once you find your way up the rankings ladder by use of Advanced SEO you will start to reap the rewards of your investment. Your business can see added web visits, profit, customer feedback and media reviews, all playing a key role to expand your outreach and web presence.

Think about it: Whens the last time you ventured past the first or even second page on google? For most people, including myself, its never.

What are the benefits of SEO?


The results of SEO are quantifiable and are trackable. When it comes to ROI, it is not only referring to eCommerce websites. This is a common misconception as some of the most profitable websites do not sell products yet give away information to attract users and generate leads for later purchases. Search engine optimization effectively tracks all proceedings taking place including conversations, all increases in rankings and even traffic. Increasing search engine rankings through search engine optimization is the first step that attracts viewers and potential customers to your website. Then utilizing conversion optimization software such as the SmartR Site platform, a path is created to convert that viewer into a customer.


Despite additional time for search engine propagation, when done properly, search engine optimization is extremely cost effective. This is due to the fact that it primarily targets users that are interested and focused on making online purchase of goods and services. With advanced keyword research, the inbound nature makes various businesses able to save target users looking for their exact offering.

Outbound marketing strategies typically end up costing 60-80% more than a well formulated SEO campaign, for similar impact.

Think about it: You don’t have to PPC when your ranked at the top organically. With a well researched keyword and low competition this is typically possible within 6-8 months.


By increasing your website’s rank, your site will receive an exponential increase in impressions and clicks, thus creating an increase in traffic. SEO focuses on optimizing title tags, descriptions and powerful inbound links that directly increase your visibility on search engines promoting healthy web traffic.


Having your websites on the frontline of the results page instantly increases exposure and web presence. When viewers see top ranked websites, they associate credibility and trust. Through organic reach, your website will gain valuable exposure to customers.

Utilize tools such as Google Analytics and SmartR Site to create sales funnels and consistent improvement to stay ahead of your competitors at all times.

Our SmartR Site Experts identify issues, measure organic keyword reach and search engine competition in a full report.

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