Entrepreneur of the Month

We recognize entrepreneurs who overcame struggle and diversity to impact their community.

December 2015

Jim Cantoni Sr.

Husband of 23+ years and father of two boys. Jim Cantoni overcame multiple chronic health issues from, arthritis, unexplained back pain, acid reflux, acne, decades of sleep disorders and being 20 lbs overweight. As well as overcoming injuries resulting in being on Social Security disability for several years. Jim Cantoni thrives on vegetable and his wife’s flower gardening, golfing, teaching how to toss the Frisbee to all ages, taking walks, bike rides, creating, reading. His favorite subject is Realizing Dreams and his dream in life is inspiring potential in others and engaging, equipping and empowering people of all ages to realize their dreams and achieve greater life outcomes.

Author: 7 Steps for Empowering Youth: Self-Awareness Developing GRIT and a Growth Mindset – A self-discovery “LifeBook”, Give Teamwork … Get Results – Playing with a full deck of The World’s Kindest Playing CardsGive a hug … Get a hug, I Love You Two.

November 2015

Imran Sheikh

When the opportunity arose to interview a simple and honest individual, a strong believer of self-made success who overcame his very own hardship, it was a clear and obvious choice. I am inspired and extremely grateful to be writing about Imran Sheikh. His entrepreneurial mindset and struggle was one that took great efforts to overcome. This is the journey of a true self-made entrepreneur not satisfied with corporate Pakistan.

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