How to Reduce Bounce Rate

Often overlooked, your bounce rate is critical to the success of your website.

The Importance of Bounce Rate

One click of the mouse is all that it takes to leave your site behind.

Bounce Rate Definition: The percentage of users who enter a website and then exit instantly instead of viewing other pages of the same website.

When you view your Google Analytics, you will see a certain percentage. If the average bounce rate of your website, for instance, is 65%, this means that 65% of the visitors coming to your site leave after browsing through the page they entered on, no matter if it was the homepage or any internal page. Learn how to reduce bounce rate below.

The higher the number, the more customers you are losing!

Lowering your bounce rate

Top methods for increasing conversion rate while reducing your bounce rate:

  • Have a clear, consistent call to action
  • Create meaningful, targeted content with your viewer in mind
  • Update your website design to comply with modern standards
  • Keep paragraphs short and vocabulary user friendly
  • Create informative, yet persuasive landing pages
  • Don’t target keywords/marketing channels that send low value traffic

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