Want your website to go viral? HYPE makes it easy to exponentially grow your signups and get your site shared across social media.

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SmartR Site Rewards


One-Click Setup, Waitlist And Early Access Capabilities, Custom Woocommerce Coupons & More. 

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    Modern Design

    We’ve all been to that website that looks like piecework. HYPE inherits your themes design to fit seamlessly with your brand. Custom CSS can also be applied for design changes.

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    Mobile Friendly

    75% of people access the internet via a mobile device and is constantly growing. We guarantee HYPE will look great on mobile.

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    Organic Reach

    Incentivizing your users to share your website and tell their friends HYPE organically increases your signups and brand reach.

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    Insight + Analytics

    Data is the future. We use advanced analytics to constantly monitor HYPE’s impact on your user base and improve your sign ups.


As users spread the word about your project, company, product or service they get “points” for each additional signup they refer and move up on the waitlist. This creates an affiliate web where your users are actually working to spread the word in return for offering rewards and your email list keeps growing larger and larger. SmartR Signup adds marketing and business intelligence to your site through a powerful signup referral system.

SmartR Sign Up is perfect for:

  • Waitlists
  • Early Releases
  • Pre-Orders and Information
  • Newsletters
  • Top 100 active users get a free “X”
  • Rewarding Users for Referring their friends

“The Biggest Improvement made to my WordPress Site”

Quick Start Video

SmartR Sign Up is a responsive signup form plugin with a built in affiliate marketing aspect. Users can share their referral link and get credit for spreading the word about your product or service.

Upgrading from SmartR Sign Up?

IMPORT/EXPORT from SmartR Sign Up (AKA Hype v1.0)

If you were a previous user of SmartR Sign Up, you will see that A LOT has changed. Honestly we started with a fresh look, took back to the drawing board and completely re-wrote and re-branded the plugin. Due to the methods and structure being significantly better, we had to ditch the old method of saving referrals as a custom post type and created the users as what they actually are… Users.

If you’re installing HYPE for the first time on a new setup without SmartR Sign Up, you can ignore this section, otherwise please continue reading to export your users and upgrade to version 2.0 of HYPE.

STEP 1: Download the IMPORT/EXPORT Plugin – We have created an easy to use plugin that walks you through the upgrade.

Make sure all three plugins are installed and activated. (Hype, SmartR Sign Up V1.0, and Import/Export)

STEP 2: Download the export file in the top half of the plugin.

STEP 3: Select the file you just downloaded and then click import file.

Please wait for the process to finish before exiting.