Jim Cantoni Sr.
Jim Cantoni Sr.

Jim Cantoni: Entrepreneur of the Month

Jim Cantoni, MBA – Realizing Dreams Founder,  Chief Inspiration Officer, Author, Inventor and Right Brain Thinker

Husband of 23+ years and father of two boys. Jim Cantoni overcame multiple chronic health issues from, arthritis, unexplained back pain, acid reflux, acne, decades of sleep disorders and being 20 lbs overweight. As well as overcoming injuries resulting in being on Social Security disability for several years. Jim Cantoni thrives on vegetable and his wife’s flower gardening, golfing, teaching how to toss the Frisbee to all ages, taking walks, bike rides, creating, reading. His favorite subject is Realizing Dreams and his dream in life is inspiring potential in others and engaging, equipping and empowering people of all ages to realize their dreams and achieve greater life outcomes.

Author: 7 Steps for Empowering Youth: Self-Awareness Developing GRIT and a Growth Mindset – A self-discovery “LifeBook”, Give Teamwork … Get Results – Playing with a full deck of The World’s Kindest Playing CardsGive a hug … Get a hug, I Love You Two.

Who and What Inspires Jim Cantoni – a partial listing: Einstein and his quote, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” The creativity quote “Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.” by William Plomer, South African Author, Novelist, Poet and Literary Editor, John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Einstein, Edison, Henry Ford, Jim Collins – Author of Good To Great, Malcolm Gladwell – Author of BLINK, Seth Godin – Author of Purple Cow and The Lynchpin, Tony Robbins, Brian Gallagher, President and CEO of The United Way Worldwide and Jim’s wife Jackie, their two children, his father and his mother.

Inventor:  Self-discovery tools for civic engagement , collective impact and collaborative community change:

  • The New Math of Health™, The Body Balance T-Chart™ and Eat Strategically.com – where your taste buds come alive and your body does thrive
    • Insight and lessons learned from Thomas Edison, my youngest son Nathan, my father, Steven Jobs and myself to cure common and chronic diseases like acne, arthritis, acid indigestion, sleep disorders, unexplained back pain and potentially more serious and chronic diseases like cancer. Of course, these statements have not been approved by the FDA; are educational and not intended to cure or prevent disease, although the people who I have helped, will tell you they have. As well as tell you, I cured what their regular medical doctors could not.
    • The Why, a Meta-Analysis of 51+ people showing a distinct correlation to what we are eating and chronic disease.
    • The How to help people change their attitudes and behaviors to make better choices.
  • 15+ Einstein inspired and infused Emotional Intelligence Teaching and Self-Efficacy Formulas for Exponential Achievement in School, Work, Life, Health & Play

  • Teamwork and FamilyPlay™
    – a national award winning and collaborative self-discovery game that strengthen teams and families
  • Teamwork and FamilyPlay – The Student Dream Kit™
  • The World’s Kindest Playing Cards™, Positive Pen™ & Positive Pencils™ with 70+ positive psychology mirror neurons that create the positive affect
  • Illuminated House Numbers patent #6,060,838
  • My Declaration of Independence™ – a promise for students to graduate, do the best in their lives, and inspire potential in other students
  • Mission: USA 2020 engage, equip and empower America’s youth with self-awareness, GRIT and a Growth Mindset to reach their potential

Fun Fact: Is there an Einstein Connection? You decide.

In 1995, while James Jr. was still in the womb, Jim Cantoni and his wife Jackie started reading books to their son. At 3 years old, their little boy would come up with very creative games that he would only understand. By the time James Jr. was 5 years old, they read about 10,000 books to their son.

At the age 5, Jackie nick-named his Einstein Jr. and Jim and Jackie started to understand his games he created.  At 9 years old, James Jr. came up with a memory match playing card games to put the over 50 positive psychology mirror neurons his dad Jim Sr. created to teach kids the power of their smile, to be kind, caring and more. Today these cards are called The World’s Kindest Playing Cards and are spreading smiles, kindness and understanding in over 27 countries around the world. At 12 years old, James Jr. dressed up as Einstein for Halloween. As background, Jim Sr. had health and sleep challenges for many, many years and starting around 2003, unusual “formulas” would just pop into his head right before going to bed or when he would wake up at night due to sleep disorders, usually around 3am. Good news, he  solved his own sleep issues without medications, and turned that into and opportunity to help others and created The New Math of Health™ and a self-discovery tool called the My Body Balance T-Chart™.

Back to the story, in 2010, when their son James Jr. was almost 14 years old and while visiting his wife Jackie’s parents in Florida Jim Sr. was researching Einstein’s formula E=MC2 on Wikipedia. Jim Sr. then noticed the date Einstein was born, March 14th. He was in awe what he saw as their son James Jr. was also born on March 14th. It is called “314” and often referred to as “PIE” day. Interestingly, Jim Sr. refers to his activities and self-discovery tools to be as easy as “PIE”, plus being Positive, Interactive and Engaging.

So, what do you think? Is there an Einstein connection? We think so, do you?

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