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Pre-Order| SmartR Site Full Year | Founding Member

$350.00 $99.00

Show your support and become a founding member, be among the first to have a website that automatically improves itself.

The Web Just Got SmartR.

[Price Lock – permanent 67% off normal rate for founding members!]*

SmartR Site is an easy to use, analytics driven web platform that automatically adapts based on your clients interactions to improve your website. The platform is designed proficiently to compute and analyze the interactions of your customers in the real-time and give you an easy access to see and understand different charts and graphs highlighting your conversion rate as well as comparing the web experiences of the various users. SmartR Site uses analytics and essential data to increase conversion rate and lower bounce rate.

The sophisticated metrics and heat maps contain powerful tools which help you figure out where your users are actually focusing and empower you for a comprehensive analysis and higher conversions. You can add the right calls to action in high traffic areas that would help improve conversions and sales, guaranteed or your money back.

Note: This is a Pre-Order, you will receive an access code upon launch. This special price is only available in advance. This special deal is only valid until for a limited time. 

SmartR Site Coming soon, Reserve your copy today.

*Starter Package only, offer only good for initial founding member accounts and does not carry over to “spin offs” or websites purchased after this offer.


Features and Benefits:

  • The web as your asset: Just by adding SmartR Site to your website, you can increase sales, sign ups and social activity, utilizing the power of your users. Your website will work for you.
  • Powerful, yet beautiful: Interactive design engages customers and draws them to what truly matters on your website.
  • Adapt to your viewers: SmartR Site automatically improves to feature your best content.
  • Say goodbye to $10,000+ web budgets: Instead of spending outrageous amounts on web development, your funds can be used on what matters most.
  • Not just for big business: Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and even Projects can use SmartR Site to maximize their websites impact and performance.
  • No coding required: We have worked hard to make SmartR Site easy for you! Simply drag and drop content and edit text similarly to a word document.

Show your support and become a founding member, be among the first to have a website that Automatically improves itself.

  • Pre-Paid 1 Year Membership
  • Custom Domain Access
  • Add to Your Current Website, or Create Your Own on Our Platform
  • Priority Rate and Support
  • Access to all Updates


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