UI UX Design Principles

Your User Interface and User Experience is crucial to lowering your bounce rate.

The Importance of Web User Experience

One click of the mouse is all that it takes to leave your site behind.

Website user experience has a tremendous impact on various important aspects such as the perceived brand image along with earning trust and loyalty of the targeted consumers. According to a recently conducted survey, 85% of the consumers prefer visiting those websites that offer the best user experience through pioneering design and practical functionalities rather than scrolling through the web looking for other options. In fact, UI UX design principles are key factors that can help or hinder sales and profitability.

UI UX Definition: User Interface and User Experience can be defined based on how your viewers are interacting with your website or software. A positive user experience can make a immense difference for increasing web conversions, lowering your bounce rate and ranking your website higher on google.

UX Fundamentals: 

  • Make sure your website is responsive or at least mobile ready
  • Update your site design to be inline with the latest trends
  • Understand your markets taste and preferences and design accordingly
  • Keep the page clean and minimal, funneling focus to the content you want your customers to actually see
  • Stick to a consistent color scheme with no more than five base colors
  • Create multiple designs and iterations to test live with your market

Shortcut: Iterations can be costly and time consuming, implement artificial intelligence engines such as SmartR Site to automatically improve content and design effortlessly.

Benefits of a Positive Web User Experience

A visually appealing website coupled with unmatched user experience can make visitors stay and spend more time on your website and explore different pages of your website. It keeps the users engrossed and engaged and also, influences their buying decisions. With the right elements at the right places, you can get the visitors of your website converted into your buyers and hence, increasing sales and profits.

On the other hand, if the website is not interactive enough or your visitors don’t find your website incompetent, then you can’t expect the visitors to stay on your website for long. It can increase the bounce rate of your website, which may hurt you and your business really bad! It is a better idea to take required steps and employ effective solutions to lower bounce rates and enhance user experience.

Utilize tools such as Google Analytics and SmartR Site to create sales funnels and consistent improvement to stay ahead of your competitors at all times.

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How to Improve UI and UX Design with SmartR Site

Top quality user experience is guaranteed as SmartR Site automatically adapts and improves to increase conversions and give your customers an overall better experience while viewing your website.

SmartR Site is backed by powerful analytics engine that uses analytics and algorithms to analyze and update the website in the real time based on the behaviors and actions of your customers. It trains the website and adds intelligence and plays a pivotal role in minimizing bounce rate and increasing conversion rate.

The sophisticated metrics and heat maps contain powerful tools which help you figure out where your users are actually focusing and empower you for a comprehensive analysis and higher conversions. You can add the right calls to action in high traffic areas that would help improve conversions and sales, guaranteed or your money back.

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