What is Multivariate testing?

SmartR Site utilizes automated multivariate testing along with other factors to lower your bounce rate.

Multivariate Testing Definition

Advanced testing for powerful results

Multivariate Testing: An advanced testing method where multiple combinations of words, styles and layouts are automatically tested and each aggregated variation is tested for click through rate and viewer retention.

Unlike A/B testing, you don’t have to evaluate different versions of a page while performing multivariate testing. Rather, you have to perform a far more detailed and subtle test of different elements listed on a single page. All possible combinations are tested and the major objective of this testing method is to give a crystal clear idea of which elements on a webpage are helping your website to achieve increased conversions and a lower bounce rate.

It is extremely complex and advanced method and hence, more suitable for pioneering marketing testers, given that it tests and evaluates multiple variables along with helping you know how the elements interact with each other and how you can alter the elements to attract more visitors and improve their website experience.

SmartR Site is here with its cutting edge technology to transform the whole web using experience and help businesses make the most of their websites. SmartR Site is a revolutionary, web platform backed by powerful analytics that can train your website regarding how the users interact with the website and how they can be converted into potential customers.

Increasing Conversions with SmartR Site

This cutting edge platform works by combining both A/B testing and multivariate testing along with artificial intelligence and sophisticated heatmaps to automatically adapt and improve your website. SmartR Site is proven to increase website conversion rates and reduce bounce rate while boosting sales, sign ups and social activity.

SmartR Site is backed by powerful analytics engine that uses analytics and algorithms to analyze and update the website in the real time based on the behaviors and actions of your customers. It trains the website and adds intelligence and plays a pivotal role in minimizing bounce rate and increasing conversion rate.

The sophisticated metrics and heat maps contain powerful tools which help you figure out where your users are actually focusing and empower you for a comprehensive analysis and higher conversions. You can add the right calls to action in high traffic areas that would help improve conversions and sales, guaranteed or your money back.

Utilize tools such as SmartR Site to create sales funnels and consistent improvement to stay ahead of your competitors at all times.

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